Unverified Commit fe7f834e authored by Tom-R Kvalvaag's avatar Tom-R Kvalvaag
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removed test code from template

parent 2156b39d
......@@ -16,9 +16,6 @@
<span class="text-xl font-bold mr-1 inline-block">{{event.name}}</span>
{% if event.message %}
<span class="text-xs text-gray-100">Pizza voting expires: {{event.vote_deadline | date(format="%d/%m/%Y %H:%M %Z") }}. Code: {{event.join_code}}.</span>
{% endif %}
<span class="text-xn text-gray-300">Location: {{event.location}}.<br></span>
<span class="text-xn text-gray-100">Date: {{ event.time | date(format="%d.%m.%Y. Time: %H:%M") }}</span>
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